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Believe it or not, this is the kind of thing I just do for fun.

Graphic Design

Graduation Announcements

Daily assistance in sales, customer service, marketing, graphic design, designing + ordering company merchandise

HubSpot CRM, Sales

Marketing Intern

Redesigned company websites, used analytics to optimize traffic and improve SEO

Wordpress, SEO, Analytics

UX Design

I do lots of free-freelance graphic design work. Usually involves me saying "I could help with that" and then I make things. Posters, logos, stickers, etc.

Graphic Design

misc Graphic Design Work

Created a professional logo and application materials for a friend.

Professional Branding, Logo Design

Sarah Webster Olson

Set up social media accounts for an independent video production business. Created a social media training and strategy guide for a social media inexperienced client.

Social Media Planning

Midnight Reflections Video Productions L.L.C.

In class teams, we crafted advertising campaigns for local clients including Tacoma Art Museum and Peace Community Center Hilltop Scholars

Advertising Campaign, Graphic Design

COMA 362 Principles of Advertising

In this course we generated a campaign to promote the awareness and usage of Safer Choice products on the PLU campus. With included a website, social media presence, campus events, and an instructional video for other campuses and organizations to implement a similar campaign. 

The campaign won the Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award.

Campaign Strategy, Event Planning, Video Production

COMA 361 Strategic Communication Fundamentals

In class teams, we designed a strategic communication campaign for The People's Gathering, a racial literacy conference for local professionals.

Public Relations, Social Media, Press Materials

COMA 360 Strategic Communications Writing

Designed materials for and personally promoted the Diversity Justice and Sustainability Award. Voted on student grant proposals and assisted potential applicants with their proposal writing.

Student Voting Board, Grant Applications, Promotion

DJS Fun(d) Team Member

Worked with Prof. Robert M Wells in researching and drafting a white paper for a new film program within the School of Arts and Communication.

The program was officialized into the academic catalogue as of March 2018

Research Assistant

Film Program

An Environmental Studies course where we conducted interdisciplinary investigations exploring and monitoring the health of Clover Creek Watershed. Methods included WQIs, Historical and Philosophical analysis, BMIs, and more.

Environmental Studies, Field Work, Community Service

ENVT 350 Environmental Methods of Investigation

In addition to illustrating my own stories, I generated graphics and illustrations for several real news articles.

Infographics, Illustration

Graphics and Visuals

I asked if I could write satire and they actually said yes. I wrote fake news stories in the style of sites like The Onion or ClickHole. I also made things like quizzes on occasion.

Humor, Writing, Illustrating

Satire At Play

As a collaboration of Mast Media and Lute Air Student Radio, "News Briefly" was a 15 minute weekly radio show that gave a rundown of campus news. I made all the promotional materials and promoted the show via social media. This was born out of another news show I helped work on, called "The Radio Hour" which was more of a news commentary show.

Podcast, Radio Production, Writing, Host

News Briefly

I compiled market research about clients, competition, and potential affiliates. I then used this to help plan campaigns for environmental and e-marketing, especially Facebook promotions and affiliate marketing.

Market Research, Facebook Ads, Environmental

Marketing Strategy

I reworked an old blog with a complete redesign. I also edited content for blog posts and added visuals. I also promoted the blog posts via scheduled facebook posts.

Designing, Copy Editing, Promotion

Blog Management

I helped transfer Aaron J Jacob's first e-course, The Smart Stage Mom, onto a platform that would allow him to build and sell many more course through AaronJJacobs.colutions. I redesigned some of the course content and worked out all of the bugs to facilitate the new site. I also revitalized the blog, which I will explain in the next section.

Wordpress, Blog, E-course, E-commerce

Web Design

Designed materials to promote club events and meetings. Arranged promotional campaigns with low to nonexistent budgets.

Branding, Advertising, Design


Created a social media presence, gathering followers and contacting other clubs. Re-designed website to be not only easy to navigate but useful for several types of visitors. This is all in addition to my signature, gif-heavy weekly emails.


Wordpress, Instagram, Facebook

Digital/Social Media