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GrassRoots Environmental Action Now

​GREAN is a student club at Pacific Lutheran University. I became president when I was the only remaining member and the club was $1400 in debt. Since then I have revitalized it back to financial security and I have built a family of other students passionate about sustainability. 


Designed materials to promote club events and meetings. Arranged promotional campaigns with low to nonexistent budgets.

Branding, Advertising, Design


Created a social media presence, gathering followers and contacting other clubs. Re-designed website to be not only easy to navigate but useful for several types of visitors. This is all in addition to my signature, gif-heavy weekly emails.


Wordpress, Instagram, Facebook

Digital/Social Media

As president, my primary duties involved organizing club meetings and events that educate and empower students to act on environmental issues. Although I got used to managing a lot of forms and paperwork on my own the best part was when I got to answer enthusiastic questions about bees.

Event Planning, Leadership, Fundraising

Club Management