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Mast Media

Mast Media was the converged student news outlet at Pacific Lutheran University. I did a variety of projects for them over the years, but these are my most significant contributions.


In addition to illustrating my own stories, I generated graphics and illustrations for several real news articles.

Infographics, Illustration

Graphics and Visuals

I asked if I could write satire and they actually said yes. I wrote fake news stories in the style of sites like The Onion or ClickHole. I also made things like quizzes on occasion.

Humor, Writing, Illustrating

Satire At Play

As a collaboration of Mast Media and Lute Air Student Radio, "News Briefly" was a 15 minute weekly radio show that gave a rundown of campus news. I made all the promotional materials and promoted the show via social media. This was born out of another news show I helped work on, called "The Radio Hour" which was more of a news commentary show.

Podcast, Radio Production, Writing, Host

News Briefly