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MediaLab is a student communication firm at Pacific Lutheran University offering services to real clients and valuable work experience to students. As general manager I oversee the operation, but I also continue to work with clients and teammates.


Assisted in the design of multiple websites for modern Scandinavian home building company.

Also provided some assistance in content strategy, and generating content for the website such as staff bios and pictures.

Web Design, Photography, Graphic Design

lev vel

Graphic design and promotional communication planning involving the creation of style themes. Also produced several promotional videos with narration and incorporation of footage from contacts all over the world.

See more on Friendly Water page.

Video, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media

Friendly Water for the World

Event + interview filming with 4k footage. Story planning for venue promotional video. 

See more on videos page.


Tacoma Dome

Event photography and photo editing. Designed promotional materials for events. Compiled a style guide for branding and internal communication uses.

Photography, Graphic Design

Puyallup Watershed Initiative

Wrote a humorous recruitment video based on company and target market research. Directed a cast of non-actors and worked with employees to make the content represent them with authenticity. See more on videos page.

Recruitment Video, Director, Writer, Editor

Doty Group

Shot footage in 4k (Sony A7s + A6s), synthesized story, & edited
Promotion: executed campaign for release of series, involving print + digital materials, e-marketing
Research: arranged filming subjects and locations 

Documentary Series Production, Story Editor

A World of Difference (Documentary Series)

Student Firm Management: managing student employees, facilitating client communication, project workflow, planning classes and client assignments
December 2017 - December 2018 | Previously - Assistant General Manager, Communication Associate
Marketing Communications

Client Contact, Course Planning, Team Managment, Mentoring

General Manager