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I made a climate change card game. Check it out.

Climate change is not a game ...but this is.

This is not your typical environmental game. Have you dreamed of getting rich in the rat-race of capitalism? Do you have no moral qualms about what you might destroy to reach your goals? Congrats! You are now the leader of an entire consumer industry! 

It is your goal to make as much profit as possible, but productivity comes with a price - or rather, a carbon footprint. The emissions that you and your fellow entrepreneurs send into the atmosphere affect the average temperature of the big blue ball you all call home. If global temperatures increase past 4° C, you all lose to climate catastrophes! 

Based on real-life climatology reports, this game is designed to help you think about the actual deciding forces behind climate change (hint: it rhymes with shmoney). Whether you choose to collaborate, regulate, or sabotage your competitors, the outcomes represent actual possible futures for our planet. Good luck, and try not to ruin everything!


The first edition of Greenhou$e will soon be available. I will be starting with a crowd-sale to make make the game as affordable as possible. I will also send PDF copies of the game to anyone who wants to print their own. 

I will use donations to produce free copies of the game for educational and community spaces. If you have a specific place you would like a copy to go to, please include that request in the subject line of the donation. I will need at least $20 to produce a full copy of the game, $30 (total) to cover shipping.

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